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95.94% Shlomo

Finale school project (Shenkar), 2017

As my finale project at Shenkar college, 
I wrote and illustrated a graphic novel based on my father's life.
My father, Shlomo, is an ex-military man who had a stroke in 2012.
This effected his eye sight, his coordination and worst of all:
his short-term memory.

In my book I am trying to reflect his condition while telling his story, 
using short anecdotes, in a non-linear timeline.
In the text I use my own voice and also parts of the actual medical papers from his hospital stay.

This project was guided by Asaf Hanuka and Nadav Barkan.


It has  also won a merit award at the 3X3 Magazine international competition, 2018 (issue 15).

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